Azure SDK for Python


The latest recommended release is currently a release candidate, tell this to pip to install it!

  • Use the --pre flag: pip install --pre azure
  • Specify the version: pip install azure==2.0.0rc1

If you want to install azure from source:

git clone git://
cd azure-sdk-for-python
python install


This is a release candidate. It could have minor breaking changes until the stable release.

Some of the new generated libraries have not yet been tested extensively, and some have known issues (such as azure-mgmt-web).

Our goal is to release a stable version by the end of March 2016. Please send us your feedback!


  • Storage Blob, File, Table, Queue

  • Service Bus

    • Queues: create, list and delete queues; create, list, and delete subscriptions; send, receive, unlock and delete messages
    • Topics: create, list, and delete topics; create, list, and delete rules
  • Azure Active Directory Graph RBAC API

    • Users
    • Applications
    • and more
  • Resource Management

    • Authorization: permissions, subscriptions, roles and more

    • CDN: profiles, endpoints creation and more

    • Compute: create virtual machines and more

    • Apps:

      • Logic Apps: Workflow and job management
      • Web Apps: App Service Plan, web sites, certificate, domains and more
    • Network: create virtual networks, network interfaces, public ips and more

    • Notification Hubs: Namespaces, hub creation/deletion and more

    • Redis: create cache and more

    • Resource:

      • resources : create resource groups, register providers and more
      • features : manage features of provider and more
      • locks : manage resource group lock and more
      • subscriptions : manage subscriptions and more
    • Scheduler: create job collections, create job and more

    • Storage: create storage accounts, list keys, and more

  • Service Management

    • storage accounts: create, update, delete, list, regenerate keys
    • affinity groups: create, update, delete, list, get properties
    • locations: list
    • hosted services: create, update, delete, list, get properties
    • deployment: create, get, delete, swap, change configuration, update status, upgrade, rollback
    • role instance: reboot, reimage
    • discover addresses and ports for the endpoints of other role instances in your service
    • get configuration settings and access local resources
    • get role instance information for current role and other role instances
    • query and set the status of the current role

System Requirements:

The supported Python versions are 2.7.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, and 3.5.x To download Python, please visit

We recommend Python Tools for Visual Studio as a development environment for developing your applications. Please visit for more information.

Need Help?:

Be sure to check out the Microsoft Azure Developer Forums on Stack Overflow if you have trouble with the provided code.


Contribute Code or Provide Feedback:

If you would like to become an active contributor to this project please follow the instructions provided in Microsoft Azure Projects Contribution Guidelines.

If you encounter any bugs with the library please file an issue in the Issues section of the project.

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