Notification Hubs Management

For general information on resource management, see Resource Management.

Create the management client

The following code creates an instance of the management client.

You will need to provide your subscription_id which can be retrieved from your subscription list.

See Resource Management Authentication for details on handling Azure Active Directory authentication with the Python SDK, and creating a Credentials instance.

from azure.mgmt.notificationhubs import NotificationHubsManagementClient
    from azure.common.credentials import UserPassCredentials

# Replace this with your subscription id
subscription_id = '33333333-3333-3333-3333-333333333333'

# See above for details on creating different types of AAD credentials
credentials = UserPassCredentials(
            '',      # Your user
            'my_password',          # Your password

redis_client = NotificationHubsManagementClient(

Check namespace availability

The following code check namespace availability of a notification hub.

from azure.mgmt.notificationhubs.models import CheckAvailabilityParameters

account_name = 'mynotificationhub'
output = notificationhubs_client.namespaces.check_availability(
        name = account_name
# output is a CheckAvailibilityResource instance
print(output.is_availiable) # Yes, it's 'availiable', it's a typo in the REST API