Commerce - Billing API

Create the commerce client

The following code creates an instance of the management client.

You will need to provide your subscription_id which can be retrieved from your subscription list.

See Resource Management Authentication for details on handling Azure Active Directory authentication with the Python SDK, and creating a Credentials instance.

from azure.mgmt.commerce import UsageManagementClient
from azure.common.credentials import UserPassCredentials

# Replace this with your subscription id
subscription_id = '33333333-3333-3333-3333-333333333333'

# See above for details on creating different types of AAD credentials
credentials = UserPassCredentials(
            '',      # Your user
            'my_password',          # Your password

commerce_client = UsageManagementClient(

Get rate card

# OfferDurableID:
rate = commerce_client.rate_card.get(
    "OfferDurableId eq 'MS-AZR-0062P' and Currency eq 'USD' and Locale eq 'en-US' and RegionInfo eq 'US'"

Get Usage

from datetime import date, timedelta

# Takes onky dates in full ISO8601 with 'T00:00:00Z'
# Return an iterator like object:
usage_iterator = commerce_client.usage_aggregates.list(
    str( - timedelta(days=1))+'T00:00:00Z',