azure.mgmt.resource.features.v2015_12_01.models module

class azure.mgmt.resource.features.v2015_12_01.models.FeatureProperties(state=None)[source]

Bases: msrest.serialization.Model

Information about feature.

Parameters:state (str) – The registration state of the feature for the subscription.
class azure.mgmt.resource.features.v2015_12_01.models.FeatureResult(name=None, properties=None, id=None, type=None)[source]

Bases: msrest.serialization.Model

Previewed feature information.

  • name (str) – The name of the feature.
  • properties (FeatureProperties) – Properties of the previewed feature.
  • id (str) – The resource ID of the feature.
  • type (str) – The resource type of the feature.
class azure.mgmt.resource.features.v2015_12_01.models.FeatureResultPaged(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: msrest.paging.Paged

A paging container for iterating over a list of FeatureResult object