azure.mgmt.powerbiembedded package

Module contents

class azure.mgmt.powerbiembedded.PowerBIEmbeddedManagementClient(credentials, subscription_id, api_version='2016-01-29', accept_language='en-US', long_running_operation_retry_timeout=30, generate_client_request_id=True, base_url=None, filepath=None)[source]

Bases: object

Client to manage your Power BI Embedded workspace collections and retrieve workspaces.

  • credentials (A msrestazure Credentials object) – Credentials needed for the client to connect to Azure.
  • subscription_id (str) – Gets subscription credentials which uniquely identify a Microsoft Azure subscription. The subscription ID forms part of the URI for every service call.
  • api_version (str) – Client Api Version.
  • accept_language (str) – Gets or sets the preferred language for the response.
  • long_running_operation_retry_timeout (int) – Gets or sets the retry timeout in seconds for Long Running Operations. Default value is 30.
  • generate_client_request_id (bool) – When set to true a unique x-ms-client-request-id value is generated and included in each request. Default is true.
  • base_url (str) – Service URL
  • filepath (str) – Existing config
get_available_operations(custom_headers=None, raw=False, **operation_config)[source]

Indicates which operations can be performed by the Power BI Resource Provider.

Return type:


Return type:

ClientRawResponse if raw=true