Installation with pip

You can install individually each library for each Azure service:

$ pip install azure-batch          # Install the latest Batch runtime library
$ pip install azure-mgmt-scheduler # Install the latest Storage management library

Preview packages can be installed using the --pre flag:

$ pip install --pre azure-mgmt-compute # will install only the latest Compute Management library

You can also install a set of Azure libraries in a single line using the azure meta-package. Since not all packages in this meta-package are published as stable yet, the azure meta-package is still in preview. However, the core packages, from code quality/completeness perspectives can at this time be considered “stable” - it will be officially labeled as such in sync with other languages as soon as possible. We are not planning on any further major changes until then.

Since it’s a preview release, you need to use the --pre flag:

$ pip install --pre azure

or directly

$ pip install azure==2.0.0rc6


The azure meta-package 1.0.3 is deprecated and is not working anymore.

Available packages

Stable packages

Package name Version
azure-batch 2.0.1
azure-mgmt-batch 3.0.1
azure-mgmt-devtestlabs 2.0.0
azure-mgmt-dns 1.0.1
azure-mgmt-logic 2.1.0
azure-mgmt-redis 4.1.0
azure-mgmt-scheduler 1.1.2
azure-mgmt-servermanager 1.0.0
azure-servicebus 0.21.1
azure-servicemanagement-legacy 0.20.6
azure-storage 0.33.0

Preview packages

Package name Version
azure-keyvault 0.2.0
azure-monitor 0.3.0
azure-mgmt-resource 1.0.0rc1
azure-mgmt-compute 1.0.0rc1
azure-mgmt-network 1.0.0rc2
azure-mgmt-storage 1.0.0rc1
azure-mgmt-keyvault 0.31.0
azure-graphrbac 0.30.0
azure-mgmt-authorization 0.30.0rc6
azure-mgmt-cdn 0.30.2
azure-mgmt-cognitiveservices 0.30.0rc6
azure-mgmt-containerregistry 0.2.1
azure-mgmt-commerce 0.30.0rc6
azure-mgmt-datalake-analytics 0.1.4
azure-mgmt-datalake-store 0.1.3
azure-mgmt-documentdb 0.1.2
azure-mgmt-eventhub 0.2.0
azure-mgmt-iothub 0.2.2
azure-mgmt-media 0.1.1
azure-mgmt-monitor 0.2.1
azure-mgmt-notificationhubs 0.30.0
azure-mgmt-powerbiembedded 0.30.0rc6
azure-mgmt-search 0.1.0
azure-mgmt-servicebus 0.1.0
azure-mgmt-sql 0.5.0
azure-mgmt-trafficmanager 0.30.0
azure-mgmt-web 0.32.0

Install from Github

If you want to install azure from source:

git clone git://
cd azure-sdk-for-python
python install

The dev branch contains the work in progress.