Source code for azure.keyvault.models.sas_definition_create_parameters

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# license information.
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from msrest.serialization import Model

[docs]class SasDefinitionCreateParameters(Model): """The SAS definition create parameters. :param parameters: Sas definition creation metadata in the form of key-value pairs. :type parameters: dict :param sas_definition_attributes: The attributes of the SAS definition. :type sas_definition_attributes: :class:`SasDefinitionAttributes <azure.keyvault.models.SasDefinitionAttributes>` :param tags: Application specific metadata in the form of key-value pairs. :type tags: dict """ _validation = { 'parameters': {'required': True}, } _attribute_map = { 'parameters': {'key': 'parameters', 'type': '{str}'}, 'sas_definition_attributes': {'key': 'attributes', 'type': 'SasDefinitionAttributes'}, 'tags': {'key': 'tags', 'type': '{str}'}, } def __init__(self, parameters, sas_definition_attributes=None, tags=None): self.parameters = parameters self.sas_definition_attributes = sas_definition_attributes self.tags = tags